P. Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Appreciation of Things.

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Trekking and going into the wilderness teaches us to appreciate some small things that we take for granted. The joy of reaching a place to camp at, already when the sun is going down the horizon, preparing a fire and cooking a good dinner, is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Preparing dinner on the wilderness.
Gustavo Sakuda, a Guide of The Gea Org. is seen here preparing dinner for a hungry and tired group of explorers during an expedition to Cerro Plataforma, in 1992. Photo taken by Alejandro Edronkin

It is not difficult. It is not impossible. You just have to take the first step that will probably change the way you look at things.

It will Change your life. in its entirety, so give it a try.

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