P. Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On How To Overcome Obstacles.

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People totally new to trekking and climbing will usually feel very tired on their first trip. In fact, during their first adventure most will say that they are not enjoying it at all.

The real enjoyment of being an adventurer comes after that first experience, when you see that it was not so bad after all, and you realise that you have just overcome some of your own limitations.

A Gea explorer after his first hour of walking in the wilderness.
Javier gonzalez, one of the Explorers of The Gea Org. is seen here 
"lamenting" during his first wilderness trip ever. The photo was taken by 
Alejandro Edronkin during our expedition to Cerro Plataforma, in February 1992.

Climbing, exploring or just walking is more that a momentary thing. You will reduce your weight, and you will breath fresh, pure air, but that is not all.

Pain goes away, but your memories will last a lifetime, even if you never venture into the wilderness again.

That's the real value of it.

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