P. Edronkin

A Brief Reflexion On Leadership And The Wilderness.

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Finding new and unexplored places; setting foot where no one else has been; becoming an explorer.

Knowing your limits, and thriving constantly to go over them is what you get from loving nature and getting into the wilderness.

The cliffs of Cerro Plataforma
The cliffs of Cerro Plataforma, at 42 degrees south, in Patagonia. This mountain
contains enormous amounts of fossils corresponding to a timespan of nearly
200 million years, from the Jurassic to Eocene times, on various layers. The mountain
is virtually unexplored and lies now inside a natural reserve in Argentina. It was firstly 
explored by The Gea Org. I was the leader of that expedition, that took four days to reach the mountain from the neares civilised spot, in 1992. Photo by Alejandro Edronkin

The lessons that you learn by setting up your camp, by walking, struggling and exercising your mind and body are useful for your health, but they are useful as well for your life as a member of society.

Helping your mates overcome a water stream, helping set up a construction, making a fire, surviving and working as a team makes you a better person to live with.

It will even, perhaps, transform you into a leader.

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