P. Edronkin

In Latin America, Soccer Is More important Than Human Rights (IV).

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I have nothing against soccer. In fact, I like to play it myself. 

I have nothing against people watching matches on TV each Sunday; my brother likes to do that. 

I think it is great to promote the sport across the country, but I think that any country, any society, and any politician that has some self-respect and education should know where priorities stand and what is the value of each thing.

All thorough Latin America, such histories are repeated time and again. Every country has its own version of this, and I believe that it is already the time in our existence when we have to face the facts.

We have at the turn of the century, the Venezuelan Circus of a pseudo fascist who loves red berets (pity that he does not love what goes under them), the Peruvian dictator, the Colombians fighting each other for thirty years or so, etc, etc.

Argentines are ignorants, and Latin Americans are ignorants too. We are all a bunch of millions of stupids being governed by maniacs with not enough intelligence to be really mean but just incompetent to a degree only describable by the style of Garcia Marquez

Macchiavelli said once that in order to be really bad, you should, at least, have some intellect. This lot cannot be bad because they always lose, but leave a lot of corpses on their way. They are as bad as a mentally retarded who opens a canister filled with the Ebola virus and goes running straight into the city park.

I mean, Nero was evil, but Rome was at least an Empire.

Even Hitler was mean, but Germany destroyed Europe big-time style.

These are unable to wipe out a slump.

Our allegedly democratic representatives are nothing more than crazed and incompetent thugs who are resented against any form of knowledge that reminds them about their neolitic nature, and act accordingly.

Only someone who hates knowledge, fairness and justice can act in such a way.

Only true brutes can do that.

Moreover, our governments are just a reflection of the fact that we are still in the middle ages or somewhere near them. Proof is that they are being elected all the time, yet histories such as these are also being repeated thorough all Latin America.

Fifteen years have elapsed since "democracy" came back to power all across the continent, and countries are much the same as before.

True, some things have improved, but I think that 15 years is enough time to make things a little bit better, and not just marginally. After all, where was Western Europe 15 years after 1945?

Someone will certainly tell me that I lack respect for the government, that I am offending national or patriotic symbols and such stuff, but let me answer that right here.

Oh! Maybe I am also a subversive, but I believe that those who have a lack of respect, not for one man with a coloured band on his chest, but for the millions that trust them, are those crooks and imbeciles that are occupying public positions. 

I don't have any disrespect for the idea of government or democracy, but how can I respect someone who brought nazis to my land? 

How can I respect someone who blackmails scientists, artists, and professionals?

How do you call someone who knowingly helps mass murderers?

How can I respect someone who lies while being at the head of a country?

How can I respect someone who sees thousands of people getting killed at stupid accidents, yet is unable or unwilling to do anything to prevent it?

How can I respect people who have no respect for people?

How can I respect institutions where accomplices of nazis, murderers, weapons' dealers and ignorants pretend to work?

Respect is earned, not established by law or decree, and it is also lost.

The lack of sensibility and common sense of Latin American leaders ends in the destruction even of those who are able enough to provide not a country, but the world, with something more useful. Even here some geniuses are born from time to time, yet, unless they leave their countries, their fate is sealed.

Killing a genius, or making the life of a talented or even well-intentioned person impossible is a crime. It is an offence because those people are the ones that are really able to bring joy and a better future to those who have none across the continents, and not those who speak of politics but cannot pronounce their native language well.

The work of people like Dr. Favaloro will live on others, and will help other save their fathers, mothers and children. The work of people like our leaders only serves to destroy for no purpose.

When politics are in the hands of brutes, it produces disasters, and I was just thinking of Lavoissier.

The difference between a real society and the miserable bunch that we are now is that in a real society, at least some sense of community prevails, and while life is not always fair, societies exist for the sake of approaching to that ideal.

It makes me wonder where would all this end. The whole idea of democracy here is a fallacious one. It is being abused by people who under different circumstances would not even run a circus, and as in other historical cases, it is impossible to construct a fair society out of lies.

Yet, they pretend that nothing happens, and even go as far as to say that it is "normal" to get your payment seven months later, like one representative once said here, right on TV.

It is normal here not to get paid, to have criminals in government, to die on the street, to find no redress, no justice, and to receive soccer matches on sundays but no science at all, while those who should do the job just ignore everyone else.

It is normal that politicians enter their new jobs as middle-class citizens and leave them with bank accounts on the Caribbean.

By the way, a new prison has just been opened in place of an older one, and the woman in charge of the project, herself a politician, was today talking about "a new era."

Those in jail are getting what retired citizens who worked hard for forty years are not.

Quite an era.

What the Hell is this?

I love to refer myself to history when I want to understand what is happening.

Sadly, the only matching remarks that I found in this case where those of Queen Marie Antoniette of France, who was once visited by a member of the court saying that the people were uneasy because they did not even had bread to fill their baskets.

I don't like it, but as someone said "things are what they are, and will be what they will be."

The audience took place shortly before the fall of the Bastille, and the Queen dismissed the minister saying that "If they don't have bread, let them eat biscuits."

You know, a couple of years later, what was filling a basked instead of biscuits was her own head.

It seems to me just a matter of time until history repeats.

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