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Effective Cost Reduction in Equipment for Adventurers.

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Outdoor activities are very demanding in terms of equipment. That costs money, and unless you have very deep pockets, sooner or later you will confront that reality.

To be fair and honest, people such as the Yaghan indians of Tierra del Fuego lived under extreme conditions absolutely naked. That is, equipment is not an absolute necessity to survive, but only a convenience.

Therefore, being dependant on your gear is not a good trait, because adventurers should be able to improvise, to survive without any kind of tools, and to do exactly what the inhabitants of extreme places did and still do: to thrive.

However, if I am given the choice of running naked like the Yaghans thorough a sandy beach filled with white and blue debris from icebergs, or to do the same wearing some nice, warm clothes, I would go for the second choice, and you would probably do the same.

So, there is nothing wrong with equipment, unless you have too much and become addicted to it.

Regarding your gear, the form should serve the function. That is, you should only purchase what is absolutely necessary. That will save you money as well as the effort of carrying around a lot of weight.

Moreover, you should always try to acquire general-purpose equipment as opposed to specialised items. For example, if you are looking forward to buy a couple of carabiners, unless you have very specific needs get yourself some oval-shaped, self - locking units. These will serve you for a variety of functions, and you can use them either locked or unlocked.

Special variants of any piece of equipment usually tend to carry additional costs, so buying capabilities that you really do not need would be inefficient. Your multi - purpose gear could easily be complemented with specialised gear when conditions grant further acquisitions, but you will be spared the further expenses meanwhile.

Another useful technique to save money consists in putting emphasis on standards: if you make an effort to purchase compatible equipment, then, the total life span of your gear will be longer than otherwise.

Let's say, for example, that you need two pair of Gore - Tex socks, at US$ 30,00 each. You will be spending US$ 60,00, indeed, but you would be making a better investment if you buy two pairs of the same brand and model than if you choose two different ones.

At some point, your socks will begin to wear down. The Gore - Tex fabric could become ineffective, or the covering layers of normal fabric could begin to develop holes and thus, water would permeate the waterproof sealing.

If your socks are different, it would be enough to suffer damage on just one to obliterate the pair. If, on the contrary, all your socks are the same, loosing one means less damage, and if you end loosing a second, from the other pair, you still have two.

The result is simpler: thorough recombination you can achieve longer usage or a longer life - span for your gear.

Besides, if you purchase more than one item per each product, you can usually obtain discounts from the seller. Thus, being ordered and rational in your purchases can save you lots of money both during the acquisition stage as well as during the whole life time of your equipment.

You may like variety and think that buying five pairs of padded socks for your boots would be boring, but then again, consider this: with the additional savings you could well afford to get you another pair of socks, in a different colour.

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