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What You Create By Yourself Are Your Most Important Assets.

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It seem quite strange that many valuable things are not valued at all at the time of their conception. 

Inventions, novels, poems, paintings, ideas and other creations are often overlooked by the contemporary critics of their authors.

We have the case of Van Gogh, who never sold one of his paintings except to his brother. What would Vincent say now that his pictures are sold at values that could be considered irrational except for the fact that these purchases are made by very shrewd investors?

"Get a job", "Get a real job" we, entrepreneurs, artists and independents hear all the time. People who try to make something on their own are frowned upon until they achieve success to an undeniable scale, and even then, some degree of, should I say, contempt is laid upon them by their fellow human beings.

"Aaah! But he doesn't have a degree...", "Oooh! What a fine writer, but she didn't study at Harvard..."

Degrees and Harvard University are fine, but about those who speak like what I just mentioned?

It seems that the tools that society has devised thorough centuries have finally become ends by themselves: a job is now a career, and thus, an objective to be attained, not your means to get your food and be able to do what you want.

I am not the kind of person that goes against society. I don't believe that we should live like three centuries ago, and I don't believe that our ancestors were much wiser. If you disagree, well, think about the thirty years war, the hundred years war, the war of the roses, the first world war, the second one, the Punic wars, and so on. You get the idea...

However, I can't stop thinking this little society of ours looks like an ant colony from time to time, and the people who just follow the path of the other ants achieve security and some petty happiness, but become nothing.

It is hard to make things on your own when such powerful forces are against you, in a way. It is hard to commit yourself to a path that has no clear end but a certain beginning: when you decide that you would rather become or stay being a poet, a writer, an artist, an explorer or an entrepreneur in any business that you might like, and not knowing whether you will eat tomorrow, instead of becoming a well-adjusted corporate worker.

If you succeed, you will attain glory, but the path there is filled with landmines.

It is indeed hard, and if you start thinking about security, you will soon become a corporate ant too. It is only natural.

However, as an explorer and mountain climber, when I plan an expedition to some lost mountain in Patagonia, I don't think about failing, but winning, reaching the top, or crossing to the next valley where no one else has been.

Of course, I do think about security: I advise the local police about my plans. I speak with the local gauchos; I tell everyone about what I am doing.

Nevertheless, I still go, and when I don't - for any reason - I am left craving for the next chance.

I could have learned to read and write at school. Instead, I did it on my own, at age four. "El zorro va en avion" (The fox travels in an aeroplane) was the first thing I ever wrote, with the aid of an ancient German typewriter. I am writing to you now, and I have a website that got 100,000 hits last month.

I was bored to death from A to Z, from the first day in school and to the last day at the university. I never paid any attention whatsoever to what was going on around me. I just took the books out at home and learned the lessons on my own.

I never learned to walk at home when I was a baby. I did it at 5,300 metres above sea level, on a mountain in Northern Argentina. Now I usually walk more than 100 kilometres on my holidays, going up and down and around mountains.

Still as a kid, I started to practice target shooting. At age 13 I wanted to graduate from air guns to real firearms, but it was impossible, legally and financially, for me to buy a real, gunpowder-based, precision gun. So, at 14 I began thinking about building my own ones. 

Fifteen years later, I use the self-made Nanotyrannus for practising and even on my trips, as a protection and survival weapon, and can toy around and perfect my designs as much as I want, which is something that you cannot do with guns that you purchase.

People have called me many things, like dreamer, eremit, kamikaze, nazi, jew, arrogant, cold, and even madman, and perhaps that is the case. 

However, what I do with that is not important, but what I can tell you about it could be, and it is that great things for you in life as well as others are often overlooked because they are new and different, and our eyes are trained to see again what we saw before, and not what we are about to discover. 

If things were any different, there would be no science and no exploration. So, asking others to understand what are you doing at face value is like asking them to become God.

Nature tells us that anything that changes the world even just a little, comes from change, and that comes either from genetics or from the creativeness and courage of those who inside or outside the ant colony do things on their own. 

Intelligence and the power of our hands to construct brings forward to us the necessary means to liberate ourselves from the ghastly, simple arithmetics of evolution, of the survival of the fittest. Using our minds we become the fittest, so, anything pursuant to the goal of creating anything is worth of consideration above anything else.

As creations become well-recognised tools, they become valuable, and that is why new and successful expressions of art and ingenuity become suddenly so valuable.

We do not know whether a society is a living organism or not, so we cannot expect that it would create things by itself like we humans do. If you have the urge to do something on your own, by all means, do it. Society has its many good things, indeed, but also tends to flatten everyone to a common level; it brings peace and tranquility, but it also erases differences; it gives you some possibilities, but takes away others.

So, if you have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to survive by playing your guitar, by painting pictures, or by climbing mountains, think that you are not alone, but if you persist with your idea, you will succeed, sooner or later, because at the very least you will have an open mind and hearth for new and fresh things, and then you will strike gold, even if you fail at your first attempts.

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