P. Edronkin

Kinds of Leadership According To The Evolutionary Stages Of The Group.


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Ruling any organisation, society or group is a complicated task. It is also a different kind of problem according to the stages of evolution of the given group.

In the following pages we will analyse the concept of leadership as required in different environtments created around the needs proper of the evolutionary stages of any organisation.

These pages have been adapted from a dissertation given at The Gea Org. for explorers being prepared to assume leadership positions.

Ruling is a different problem under different conditions, and attempting to apply the lessons -albeit succesful - from one stage into another usually ends in defeats of proportions similar to those of the Maginot Line.

One thing is to create a group, and another is to learn to share power, and yet another, is to administer decadence or retreat.

Even the greatest empires started from scratch at one time, conquered the known world during their glory days, and suffered the secession of territories and colonies later.

Good leaders are needed during all these phases. Thus, we can speak of:

1)- Leadership for creation

2)- Leadership for expansion

3)- Leadership for contraction

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