P. Edronkin

The Entrepreneur Leader (II).

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All groups are different, so, even with a good degree of experience in leadership by part of the Entrepreneur, not all rules will be predictable.

A particularly difficult moment will be when the organisation begins to achieve some faint results.

At such a moment, even the Entrepreneur himself (or herself) could tend to relax and think that now, inertia will do the rest and the organisation will grow by itself. This is wrong, because such opportunities must be exploited.

Left on its own, the organisation will probably maintain what has achieved, but will not grow. Organisations don't appear and don't grow spontaneously.

Thus, Entrepreneurs must have instinct for opportunities.

On the other hand, any Entrepreneur that finally achieves some degree of success should never let his or her ego overcome rationality.

In too many cases leaders who achieve some degree of success begin to act as if they had already learned everything, and that nobody is then in a position that gives them any authority for advice.

Such an attitude would simply lead any organisation to a final disaster.

Thus, Entrepreneurs should know how to balance their ego and their right to feel proud of their achievements with intelligence and rational notions.

Aside from this, one thing that would be very good in any case, is that the organisation manages to hit success in any given department, achieving notoriety.

Success breeds success, and new organisations can also live and thrive on such a perception. The growth of the NASDAQ index during the '90 thanks to the boom of the Internet is a perfect example of this idea.

Many Internet-based companies achieved success by being perceived as successful or even by the perception that investors had about similar companies.

In such a way, these acquired capitals and using them smartly, constructed real foundations.

Others just lived on a very stupid but then fashionable premise resumed in the phrase "If you are earning money, you are not doing things right." which came from the general idea that since the Internet was then a new world and a new market, traditional and scientific views on business would not apply to them.

Thus, an Entrepreneur should learn to control enthusiasm and keep both feet in the ground.

All in all, an Entrepreneur leader should be defined as someone who, while being on Earth, should keep looking at the moon, and while trying to reach the satellite, waits to get the rocket finished before launch.

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