P. Edronkin

Leaders of Expansion (II).

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Thus, the nature of a given group has a decisive influence in the evolution of its leaders. The more foolish their members are, the worst their leaders will become, but if some leaders of a given group begin to appeal to their subordinates' wit instead, on the long run their group or organisation will begin to move into another direction.

That is called "progress."

Groups where intelligence and knowledge in any way are valued, tend to evolve not only a high level of argumentation among their members, a fact which makes any form of tyranny and bad management highly unlikely, but also ensure their long-term survivability more than others because by using ingenuity and becoming accustomed to it, they will be more prone to finding correct answers even during the forthcoming existential crisis of their group or society.

It should surprise no one then that those societies and organisations where knowledge is valued, enjoy a higher rate of success than those where the value of ideas, opinions and knowledge is less important.

Leaders who are not well-cultivated in cultural terms can hardly comprehend the importance of knowledge as an engine for progress, and thus will almost never stimulate its growth within the organisations that they are meant to rule.

Factions or groups of power based on vulgar subgroups among any given society will then be under the most difficult circumstances to produce any real progress, because being constrained by the expectations of the legos that they cater to, by their own inability to foresee, and by the contempt of intellectuals who otherwise might be in the best position to advice them on more than one matter, they find themselves in the need to address demagogically those who support them.

Under such circumstances, such a pain and simple sensation such as the subjective feeling of rejection that basically able people such as a brute leader will feel when confronted with an established aristocracy, will trigger a whole series of events that will divide such a society for a long time to come.

As I said before, such leaders will find themselves alone, requiring the continuous support of "the ants of the colony" and the aristocrats' expertise and knowledge.

The masses will demand results, even thought it may come in the form of bread and circus, while the establishment will look in contempt at upstarts that defy their position in one way or another.

A somewhat ignorant leader in such a position will have to show unabridged talent in order to survive, because he or she will have to do somehow without the proven knowledge of the aristocrats, and will have to convince the masses that they are going to improve their position.

Despised or hated by both groups, such a leader will have to make an enormous effort to survive.

In that case, many fail, and they are faced with the possibility of being taken out of office or remain there somehow.

If they want to remain in their place, then they will have to address either the upper or the lower classes, and being rejected by the aristocrats, and being the masses usually fool enough as to get convinced with little but cosmetics, they usually follow the ways of demagogy and begin the spectacle that we have already seen too much.

Such leaders begin to falsify the system that ostensibly they support, playing with statistics and instead of being and remaining careful about the rights that they should not touch, they become keen enough as to know what rules they can violate without making much of a fuss and how to hide such facts.

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