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Leaders of Expansion (IV).

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Leaders of all kinds of groups should consider this a fact and act consequently to correct it. If ignorant members of a group are left alone, they will start acting against the group by their own presence. If aristocrats and socially-conscious people who rely on symbols and ostentation to support themselves, the group will begin to stagnate.

The leader will then be faced with the choice of ignoring the fact and letting the next one to worry, control such groups, or crush them.

However, no leader should believe that by eliminating such members in any way, the group will improve: there has been no example through the history of mankind of any given society benefiting from the expulsion or destruction of minorities.

What leaders should do is to integrate the less-capable into the group's structures and educate them, as well as let the aristocrats live their lives and act as role-models, without letting symbolism to become and end in itself.

European societies failed when nobility became snobbery, and modern societies based on academic status such as degrees and graduate achievements risk falling into the same paradox.

If you want to rule a group, you should remain aware of this problem.

By cultivating their minds in a right way, by showing them opportunities, on the long run the lack of education, knowledge and culture will be corrected.

By serving as role-models, aristocrats will be left aside from real management issues and thus their shortcomings will become less apparent and remain less dangerous.

Even the foolish will see then that knowledge produces improvement in their condition, and they will the appreciate it, and all real aristocrats would like to remain in an ivory tower.

So, if a leader manages to bring appreciation and high regard for knowledge in any way within his or her group, this person will be demonstrating the highest standards of statesmanship in every department, for it will be ensuring the well being of the group's members by showing them the best tool known for improving anything, which is our intelligence, and will be setting the standards for future leaders who will have no other choice than improving what will be achieved by the time they come into power or face what any demagogue or tyrant fears more: the intelligence of people.

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