P. Edronkin

Leaders of Contraction (III).

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Finally such a leader must be a pragmatist. This means that he should act realistically in what regards the organisation that he is managing.

An organisation that is retreating should stop at a given point. Retreats must be limited, but those limits have to be realistically set up.

If they are not enough, then further retreats will follow. If they are much too far away, then the organisation will be abandoning what could be saved.

Cycles can be turned. Organisations under retreat can become powerful again, and can be saved. However, new conditions should arise or be created for that to happen. Dreaming about a glorious past will just not do it.

Sometimes, an organisation must be left to die. If that is the case, leaders should try to save at least its people from the demise.

Bankrupted companies, for example, should at least try to protect the reputation of their members because life goes on and they will have to seek for jobs elsewhere.

Otherwise, at the very least, such leaders should take care to bury the dying group in an orderly way, while preventing the knowledge and expertise acquired from disappearing too.

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