P. Edronkin

Conclusions and final thoughts about the characteristics of leaders under different evolutionary stages.

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We have seen through this dissertation some of the characteristics required from leaders for each part of the life cycle of an organisation.

Someone said once that "History is a vast early warning system," and this phrase should always be remembered by those who want or are being prepared to take responsibilities as leader of all kinds, in various industries, armies, governments and other organisations. It is not just a job.

Leadership is talent, knowledge and also expertise, and as Niels Bohr said, "An expert in any field is a person who has committed all possible mistakes."

However, mistakes at leadership levels are costly not only for the person who rules, but for everyone else inside the group.

Leadership requires from a great deal of sensitivity and social consciousness. A leader is not just an iteration of the rest. A leader should represent the others but should not remain like them.

Rulers must evolve a clear notion about their duties, as well as take into account that their acts will not be judged just by their subjects or peers, but by history.

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