Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Science and Your Vocation.

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If science is your thing, then exploring the wilderness and the unknown is what you are really interested about, the order within the apparent chaos, and the harmony of nature, even in numbers. Don't become trapped by routine, your job or the unavoidable daily dose of trivia.

On the same token, if you are inspired by art, sports or any other vocation, you should follow your call. Become an athlete if that is what you want; compete if that is your will, become a painter, an environmental activist, an archaeologist digging the past and bringing light to history, or whatever you feel you would like to be. Make movies if you feel that your destiny is to become an actor or a director; run races if you want to race, talk if you want to become a communicator.

Writing a book may seem intimidating; many people are actually ashamed of looking ridiculous, or fear the critique that others may do about their work. But writing is easy, really; it is not a big deal but a matter of letting go your inhibitions and practising. You may think that your ideas are foolish, but others may not.

Indeed, to achieve the level of Cervantes would not be easy, even for consummated writers; however, nobody is asking you to do so but who knows? The author of Harry Potter and the person who created the Simpson Family cartoon were actually trying to pay their bills, and now they are multimillionaires.

Another mental barrier that people thinking about becoming writers must jump over is the apparent lack of inspiration and topics; when we here, at Andinia, begin to write reports and comments like this one, we have no clue as how they will end being. We don't start with a plan.

But with practice you will get perfection, creativity and the ability to improvise, if necessary. Just write, and you will become more of a master writer with every word you finish.Travellers, adventurers and sportsters have a lot to write about.

Just doing what they do puts them into a position where they can tell other people some things about their trade or activity; Marco Polo did not finish Creative Writing 101, but what he experienced became inspiring stuff for centuries. We still remember his voyages and adventures not only for the pure merit that travelling like that entails, but because he did something fascinating for others, transcending cultures and ages.

In two thousand years we will still remember Marco Polo, like we still remember Cleopatra, Aesop's tales and fables, and the feats of Hercules, not to mention the old testament and all the stories contained within it. Exploring, getting to know new things, experimenting and even doing something by inspiration may be useful or motivating to others, and that is the audience that you must find as a writer.

Those who may be interested in your life, your ideas and yourself. Naturally, writing is a little different from talking, but a god starting point would be to imagine that you are actually talking to others instead of stomping on a computer keyboard.

Portray yourself talking thorough time with students, scholars, warriors, priests and people sitting in incomprehensible park benches. You may also be writing things that one day someone from another world may read during interstellar travel, who knows?

Because most words usually go away with the wind, but those who write have the possibility to communicate not only thorough space, but time also, and that is more than most people could ever ask for.

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