Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Living For Something.

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A senseless existence develops not only when you forget your goals, but also when the goals that you set for your self imply destruction or greed, for those things always end up in defeat.

The goal of taking something from others in order to exploit it and accumulate the results of that in a bank account is plain greed. This is not competitiveness, global activity or anything else; it is just a steal painted in nice pastel colours.

It has always been assumed by many that competitive social models are those better fit for success; take the economy, for instance: we believe in free markets and competition, but those forces - left unchecked - end in plain and vile exploitation around the world.

Age - old and proven social and cultural models, on the other hand, speak of collaboration instead of competition. Sports teams are based on the collaboration among their members, even if they are stars.

A 'Prima Donna' in a sports teams has scarcely a place, and if he or she finds one, it would only be for the required publicity and showbiz, but not for real team work.

So, wouldn't it be the time to think again and give renewed credit to collaboration?

Think, for if you can change at least one life with your ideas, at least a little bit, you will not have existed in vane.

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