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A Brief Reflection On What You Can Do.

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Never accept that you cannot do what you want just because others keep telling you so.

There is a problem with our education: we are told to succeed despite others, to compete and crush them. This is what we understand as success and once we finally triumph, we found ourselves in solitude. Riches without any way to use them are no good. A ton of gold would not be very useful for someone stranded in an isolated atoll, in a middle of an ocean.

And despite this pressure to - allegedly - win, what we are not told is how to succeed overcoming our own fears, limitations and obstacles; this competition with ourselves seems to be out of our educational curricula and personal dictionaries.

Artists, athletes and such people don't usually feel like winning once they have defeated their adversaries because for them competition is not the war that insanely mass sports seem to show.

Take English football and its fans as an example of a nice game turned into a battle for domination, not to mention American Football, where warlike words and names are being used all the time: attack, defence coordination, field marshals and such - military - stuff are being used on a daily basis.

Besides, these sports models are based on exclusion: you are either a Jock or not. You cannot participate if you don't subordinate yourself to some group - tribal - rules. In other words, you are told that if you are different from an ideal expectancy you are out, you will never succeed, and this is brainwashing, pure and simple.

This is not to say that such sports are bad per se; only that they have become social rituals that anthropologists and archaeologists would find amusing some centuries from now, to say the least.

What we forget is that sporting and athletic achievements, art performances and similar pursues are really meant for the inner self. Extreme and outdoor sports, on the contrary, tend to show more of this nature since there are no crowds watching you on television while you hike, climb, swim or fly.

So, I believe that educators would do well if they start showing schoolchildren how to succeed without crushing the skulls of their fellows by paying more attention to sports where the only crowd watching is the same athlete who is performing.

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