Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Mistakes and Nature.

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It is never too late to repair a mistake. It is always time to learn something new. If our world has existed already for four and a half thousand million years, don't you think that it deserves some attention?

Become an explorer of yourself.

Nature doesn't commit mistakes; what happens around the world is just part of how things are and fit together. Some of those things that happen all the time take aeons but they certainly produce great changes: Central America dind not exists some tens of millions of years ago. El Salvador, Guatemala and so on were just water; then, volcanoes started to erupt continuously and the land was filled, oceans were cut, currents were diverted and the whole planetary climate began to change.

This produced momentous changes in both north and south america, species mixed, others went extinct; but it was a "mistake" of natuire? Hardly, and if the world could cope with it and here we are, then so can you with your own "real" mistakes.

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