Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On Credentials and Learning.

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Learning is both a process and a habit; it is not a piece of paper or a diploma; self-styled people love to read but hate schools. That has happened all thorough human history.

This is not to say that formal education is something bad but on the contrary; nevertheless, from time to time someone who has talents and is 'undisciplined' appears, and this person is usually classified as a bad student, a fool or even worse.

We should stop trying to look so hard at papers and take a look at actual achievements instead.

What happens is that our society is oriented towards common denominators, and exceptions are always treated as bad, while in reality they can be bad, or can be good.

Even in our common language we use words like 'mutation' with negative undertones; a 'mutant' is a freak, but such changes can be indeed beneficial. Just look at how life has evolved for thousands of millions of years.

What we have to do is to accept that exceptional individuals - good or bad ones - may appear from time to time, and many of our conventions may not apply to them at all.

It would be good for our society to accept and understand that, for in such a way we may prevent the development of exceptionally bad or evil people, and give a better chance for those who have exceptional talents.

Learning is a process. Being good is a quality. If you can't learn to be good, no credentials will help you so, change.

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