Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On Law Systems.

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I am not acquainted with many people about whom I can say that they are really evil. I think that when we do some mischievous act is because of our ignorance, and our lack of any sense of proportion.

Legal systems always tend to get more complicated over time; they tend to become thus more difficult to understand, and when this alchemy begins to develop, an underlying world of corruption begins to flourish for whenever the 'right' cannot be grasped by the common person, what follows is that righteousness becomes the territory of those who want to turn into the general right their particular perception of good and evil.

On 'developed' societies, defending oneself becomes the territory of a few qualified individuals; you cannot defend yourself. Instead, you need an army of legal servants.

During times in which witches were hunted, few people could defend themselves of such charges because they were not versed in theology as well as religious laws, and because there was a netherworld, so to speak, of functionaries that believed in or wanted to find witches and alleged servants of the devil.

This subgroup was formally represented by the inquisition, and shows what could happen even today if we let or idea of right and legal get far too complicated.

It may sound a little strange, but the laws of our world cannot be fully trusted, for we need lawyers and a whole legal apparatus to interpret them.

This is not to say that a lawfully state is a bad thing in itself, but a warning; we may be doing ourselves quite a disservice by pretending to do us well.

Many simple 'underdeveloped' human groups have also legal systems of their own; these are generally a little bit cruel for our standards, and they appear to be crude. However, if they can do well with them, usually for centuries, we should start thinking about simplifying our own.

We don't need any complicated law system in order to become good and stay being good people, only a reference system that cannot be influenced by fashionable concepts about passing morals.

Only a system that is incorruptible and admirable.

That system is called "nature," so if we bother to get in touch with her, I am sure that we will do better.

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