Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Essay On Success And Failure.

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Succeeding is the measure of what we can be versus what we are, and what we are as opposed as to what we would like to become.

Success doesn't come whenever we become what others expect from us, even if it means achieving possessions and positions envied by others.

You don't succeed by becoming what others want you to become; they might, as manipulators, but not certainly you.

So if you wan to succeed, the first success that you have to achieve is to be candid with yourself in order to know if what you think that you want is really what you want, and separate your inner convictions from outside suggestions or impositions which may have been well-intended or not, but certainly are not yours.

On the other hand, failure is not to remain far away from your goals, but to cease trying to reach them.

We need to remember that we are humans whenever we succeed and whenever we fail.

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To succeed you first have to dare.

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