Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Pondering On The Good Things Waiting For Us.

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There are always good things and bad things waiting for us; nobody wants to suffer bad ones, and we may become victims of sorry situations either by the action of others or because of our mistakes.

We can avoid falling prey to others; thus any effective action of somebody else that affects us negatively implies either our lack of knowledge or our lack of judgement.

If it is a lack of judgement, then it becomes our mistake too; if it is a lack of knowledge, then the problem is related to our lack of experience.

We cannot acquire experience prior to the experiences in life that help build our personality and judgement. Thus, we cannot avoid falling prey to these particular problems.

However, we can avoid falling in those traps twice, if we develop our judgement and hence, the worst thing that we can do whenever we face a problem or dire situation is not to learn from it because closing our minds to such things goes against our survival skills.

In other words, all bad situations make us stronger and prepare our minds for the new things to come.

Society exists for the sake of making life easier, and not for the sake of making it more beautiful. The good things are everywhere for you to catch, even in the wilderness.

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