Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Those Who Think That They Are Smarter.

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If within a trekking group, you see someone who during the first hour, and without any qualification, pretends to assume the role of a boss, assume that in the second, that person will be the first to show signs of exhaustion, and after the end of the day will be like a ton of bricks.

Showing off is not good during outdoor adventures and expeditions; good social skills are as important as technical ones.

In the realm of general aviation (GA), statistics show that most accidents occur at relatively low heights over the ground, and during turns. About 70% of small aircraft fatalities occur in such circumstances.

Many of those accidents occur while pilots are trying to show off their abilities by performing stunts which are either prohibited or not recommended near the ground. The result is a death toll higher than it should be.

The same applies to any outdoor activity, extreme sport or discipline where certain potential risks are involved, so think it over before trying to show off what you know to anybody else.

If you really know, it will show without any need of your assistance.

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