Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Recalcitrant Activism.

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It is odd that those who get infuriated most because someone has allegedly violated their rights are usually the ones who have the least respect for others, and this is evident from the moment that they begin demanding a reparation histerically, forgetting all sense of manners.

Such people are in reality as badly hurt as those who, after an accident, act in a similar way. Patriotic, political and religious feelings frequently follow the same path; this is the death of ideas and the beginning of zealotry. Ask a doctor: the ones that are really badly hurt are those who seldom make any utterance, and be wary of prophets that speak about the destruction of others in order to construct new worlds: such prophecies and predictions are only expressions of destructive will that are the basis of the genocide of ideas.

And speaking of predicitions and prophecies, we have to remember some prohets indeed: The ruins of the most sacred temple of the Zoroastrans or Parsis - the ancient cult of fire that still exists in India - surround a small blue lake in Iran, in a place which is known as Shiz, or Tajt-i-Sulayman (The Throne of Salmon).

Mongols called this place Saturiq, and was exclusively built for religious purposes.The main temple, with its tower of fire, where an eternal flame was kept by the Magi, or high priests, was built precisely around the lake which has, according to legend an unending and mysterious source that provides it with water.

This sacred lake actually replaced one that existed in the area before, which was emptied due to earthquakes and volcanic activity, creating a flash flood. It is a very small lake indeed, perhaps 100 m in diameter, but according to tradition, it has an unfathomable depth.

The most sacred fire of the Zoroastrans is know as Atur Gushnasp, or Royal Fire, but there were other two very important flames: Atur Farnbog was the flame of the priests, and the third one, Atur Burzen-Mihr, the flame of farmers and peasants, was kept burning in Partia, in the region of nowadays Tehran.

The religion of prophet Zarathustra was widely accepted in the ancient world; just consider that the three Kings that visited Jesus shortly after he was born were in fact, three prominent Magis.

This indicates an transcendental significant assigned by ancient cultures of the region to this cult.At the late stages of the Roman empire, a cult of the third God of the Zoroastrans, Mitra (the others were Ormuz and Anahite), became quite popular and even competed against Christianity.

However, due to the growth of this religion, as well as Islam, the cult of Zoroastrans suffered a long decadence, and only a rather small number of followers still keep their traditions in India.

Was this good after all?

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