Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Geniuses.

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The fact that geniuses like Van Gogh and Edison never went to school or were dismissed, is an impressive portent in the sense that society cannot yet provide a system to pick the truly exceptional.

Geniuses are always self-made, even at college.

Particular cases may vary, but in all of them what seems common to all those who truly excel is the fact that they break down barriers.

Genial painters develop new styles and techniques, paradigmatic scientists develop new and cutting-edge theories, and world-class sports people elevate their disciplines to forms of art well beyond what any coach or trainer can achieve.

Explorers who become famous are those that achieve what others have not, and even if they fail they may achieve glory; take the case of Amundsen and Scott.

The first reached the Southern Pole, in Antarctica, just days before the second; yet Scot, because of his tragic end while trying to return to his camp base, is remembered as much as his Norwegian competitor.

So, if we were to develop a method to identify such people, or to train ourselves in order to become genial in our own realms, we would probably have to start by wondering how do we create something new.

This is something that we should think about at length, for our educational system either teaches everyone how to compete and crush our rivals - take the case of American Football and its subculture - or to become standard-issue citizens who subordinate or settle down according to a social paradigm comprised by suburban employees managed by anonymous corporations.

Just think how similar all those executives with suits look like. Don't they resemble those Chinese folks at the time of the Cultural Revolution of Mao, wearing the same blue clothes?

So, our quest for truly excellent individuals should not be a matter of segregation; it should not be intended as an elaborate sort of snobbery, but as a help to bring variety in a culture that constantly pushes us down.

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