Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On Titles And Honours, And The Required Nature Of Those Bearing Them.

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"I am not impressed by titles or degrees by themselves, for they should be viewed always in retrospect of those who have been invested.

Even a doctorate or statesmanship is of no worth tome if I positively know that the one carrying is an idiot, and not only in the specific field of the given recognition, but just as a human being.

No man or woman is of much worth if it is a bad person, and much less a honour invested in such a case.

They are of no worth because honours embody exemplary behaviour or activities and that is related to perfection as a general concept, but perfection can only be achieved by change and improvement, and certainly, a bad person needs improvement. Even more than good people whom do not carry such investitures.

So, if there is an inconsistency between character and honours, the latter ones become worthless, and thus, honours invested too.

Titles, degrees and honours are human creations, and thus fallible.

Sometimes, even if well-deserved, a title might become a curse instead of a prize. And sometimes, having titles - or true merits, for that matter - will not help you if ideology clouds the mind. History shows how entire nations decided to throw away their best people, or at least useful and worthwhile people just because of religious or political issues forgetting the fact that without them they will not survive.

Such was the case of Spain and Portugal shortly after they achieved the status of empires but at the same time decided to close themselves under the rule of the inquisition (see The Mother of all Mistakes.)

It was a rule, for it certainly dictated how people should live and think; many,a t the time, believed that an inquisitor - general was an example to follow - a leader. It took many centuries for both Portugal and Spain to get rid of the Inquisition, but by then, the once proud empires were reduced to back water nations because inevitably, the Inquisition brought ignorance and fear, lack of innovation and freedom of thought.

On the other hand, I will not cease to admire those who bear them honestly and deservedly, the titles themselves, and eve those who despite not carrying any given honours, show all signs of deserving them."

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