Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Dangers Of Knowing Just A Little.

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"Why are seasoned researchers, inventors and explorers so successful?

Why do they seem to go from one success to another while beginners seem to go from one failure to the next one?

The answer lies in the sinnergy that knowledge and experience plays in the work of those veterans.

Newbies may know far more technical aspects of their trade due to progress, but they cannot compare themselves with their masters in matters regarding experience and simple practice.

This apparent advantage due to new knowledge is one of the factors that make beginners dangerous to themselves and others at some point, because they can compare themselves with some degree of success with older veterans in aspects which are ostensible.

However, expertise is a subtle aspect of anyone's competence, and it only shows when troubles arise, and that is where usually beginners get killed. Be prudent and learn to survive."

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