Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Force Of Repetition.

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Repetition is a magical force that can take us anywhere or lead us to any goal.

If you repeat just one step enough times, you will reach the next town.

If you are patient, you will reach the mountains far away.

But if you are really, really patient and persistent, you will walk around the world.

So, repetition and persistence are the main ingredients needed to achieve any goal, as menial as this explanation might sound.

This can be called persistence or faith, which is the desire to go on with an idea, goal or job with no material or physical hints about success, at least for a while.

Religious faiths are based precisely on this kind of belief and as the history of our world suggest, these institutions proved to have a rather interesting longevity, meaning that whenever an idea really sticks to people, it sticks.

There is nothing bad about religion; what might sometimes turn sour is what we do with our religious ideas. Muslims, Christians, Jews and others alike sometimes turn into fanaticism and pretend to use the name of our respective faiths to justify some really nasty things.

But to say that one faith is evil because some of those who say that believe in those ideas and ideals prove to be bad people, is like saying that all students are equally bad because some cannot pass a final exam.

Some religious beliefs may prove to be 'wrong' according to science, but I think that the biggest legacy of religion for those who believe in some sort of God, and those who don't is the fact that it shows us what can be accomplished with persistence and repetition.

Even if your only interest is your career or your business, if any of us could persist as much as religion has made many people do over many centuries, we would indeed be very successful.

The key is to hang around no matter what."

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