Don Pablo Edronkin

A Brief Reflection On The Goals of Business, Art And Those of Creation.

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"Having heard a couple of marketers and businesspeople talk about their objectives, I realised that they are almost always lame as compared to those of scientists, researchers and artists.

Businesspeople have visions that are sometimes unique and far-reaching, but commercial facts determine if those visions are viable or not, and not their intrinsic nature. Thus, they cannot set for themselves really grand goals but to make more money or make them other feel comfortable enough as to make them good buyers.

The widespread usage of credit cards, loans and such concoctions is really nothing more than a practical way to allow others to buy.

On the other hand, artists, scientists, explorers and creators usually conceive their goals as their own intrinsic reasons for living, and thus tend to forget about money within their activities.

This is why in many cases creative people do not enjoy a nice financial situation, and whenever they are lucky enough as to be 'discovered' and start earning money, they seldom abandon their former ways of thinking.

It is the fact that our world is ruled by concerns of money that brings overall mediocrity to our existence, because money has always remained as a mean to achieve things, but we tend to see them as our goal.

So, by not understanding they way in which things relate one to another, we cannot develop our vision in order to create.

The main reason for the existence of our species is not to live, because even algae are alive. It is not to buy or sell, for if that were the case, God would have also created trees where money would grow. The reason for our existence is to create, invent and explore.

A museum, for example, can be profitable; it can be run for a profit like a corporation, to some extent. However, a museum will never be exactly like a business entity, and corporations will never be just like museums.

So, since these are different, it would be stupid indeed to pretend to manage one as if it were exactly like the other. Would you imagine a big business building with many corporations renting office space inside it, with all sort of spaces dedicated to show old furniture, old phones, old computers and such stuff?

I guess no, because corporations' job is not to show old things; they may put some artwork on display from time to time, but the art does not take away the thoughts of money, and I bet that any business person would say that if a corporation starts behaving like what is not, it would soon fall into oblivion.

Well, the same goes in the other direction; museums are not commercial corporations, and while they may be managed in order to have healthy economics, we should not forget that any attempt to turn them into purely commercial ventures would do as much harm as a corporation gone-mad would do to itself.

It is quite likely that this dichotomy between numbers and altruism is seen best at the film industry; whenever you go to the cinema you expect to see a 'Holywood' or an 'European' movie.

Indeed, there are films produced everywhere, and the country that produces the largest number each year is not the United States but India, but U.S. and European movies are perhaps archetypal.

The U.S. Cinema production is almost always more spectacular, violent, and commercially viable; the others are generally a lot more modest and try to improve on the script, acting and other aspects in order to compete.

Both can coexist; there is plenty of room for both forms of filming. What would be wrong, however, would be to pretend that Holywood is Cannes and viceversa.

So next time you try to judge the world and especially, our art world, by using commercial or financial standards, think it over; but if you believe that all corporations are bad, that all commerce is wrong and that everything should be administered by utopians, you would be equally wrong.

Those thoughts are plainly logically inconsistent.

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