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Drops (II).

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Perhaps I was looking at the ship that I saw days after.

Blue tails would be nice.

I seemed to be interested in what I couldn't see, but seemed to be stalking on me. I don't know why, but I hardly noticed until now.

Only the cockpits I like, for they are semi-transparent.

I seem to be seeing thing before they happen, or to remember things that happened first in my mind, but in this material world.

I mean, bluish, like water drops.

Later on that day, September 29, she seemed to be telling me a story. Apparently, her eyes had been staring at somebody else's for a couple of years.

Some call them bubbles, don't they?

Is it that I remember or that I imagine things, and then make them happen with my mind?

Plexiglas bubbles, to be precise.

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