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The first night there I slept. Routine. Normal. However, I suspect that she had other plans. You see, there seemed to be little details that stimulate your awareness, much more like a trip wire in front of you. all these years in combat makes you more aware, more keen.

The others around here seem to be afraid of that lack of movement too.

Boy, did she want to set up an ambush or what?

Even those in their bluish Plexiglas cockpits.

The second day there, somewhere but definitely not here, she seemed to have told me that I was cold, but I must confess that I hardly noticed. Perhaps it wasn't at night but during the day. Really, I don't know.

I don't care about moving or not.

And what did she mean by cold? How can I be cold when my metabolism, as far as I can remember, works at 36,5 degrees Celsius.

Why move if you are okay where you are?

Unless you catch a fever - Perhaps.

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