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Drops (VI).

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Someone said that I got my revenge, but I couldn't care less. I never looked for revenge, and I don't care about what others have to say.

Lack of movement. It seems to attract me.

What revenge, for that matter, and why?

At least is quiet. Movement is disorder.

We do what is in our nature to do, I guess. So, she behaved like a woman, and I behaved like what I am - Perhaps.

Water moves, and its fine, but it makes a lot of noise.

Anyway, days passed as much as they pass here, back in the trench where I spend most of my time, drop after drop, until the bucket inevitably empties.

I prefer drops. Dripping makes less noise, and you can predict when it is going to make its next move. It is an "it" formed by "them."

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