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Drops (VIII).

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I remember classes in physics where they talked about corrections, aberrations and so on. Optics.

Does it?

Back to the stars, I am pretty sure that I looked at them while I was still a child, and I remember - I think - my father showing me the constellations that now we can only hardly see or imagine beyond the smoke and noises here.

It was all a matter of perspective, so perhaps going to look from inside a drop would be the best move of your life.

Are stars drops too?

A drop is a career, you know?

Memories or ideas? Who knows?

Drops seem to be comfortable, too.

Who cares?

They seem contended, and they seem like those cubicles where so many folks spend their time in.

But every night, they fear for the bucket of water. Drop after drop, they tremble.

Drops are our friends.

I mean, why tremble for the inevitable?

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