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Drops (XII).

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I believe that she kissed me, or at least attempted to do so, but I hardly noticed, so I can't say for sure. What seems certain is that she embraced me tightly, just like what we do here before breaking the neck of somebody who wears the other kind of clothes in vogue here.

Drops are my friends.

Why would she do that?

Drops are my friends...

The only difference is that she embraced me from the front, and we grab the other fellows from their backs. Besides, if she had embraced me from the back, then I would not be thinking that she kissed me!

Why don't you get some to stare at?

Smart deduction, Huh?

There! I did not saw so many red drops as I have around me now. Odd, but I am feeling a little sleepy now.

How do they know that such a thing is broken?

Many, many red drops. They are joining and forming a big drop. Strange how it melts with the dust. I wonder if this would become a brand-new red ocean.

If you want to see red ones, you will need some company, and a rifle, of course, but water will do fine too.

No, I think that a red sea or something already exist.

Anyway, I remember that she rubbed her face with her hands a couple of times, much like many do here after some blast nearby. That was peculiar, and her eyes were glowing again, but somehow, they looked different. watery perhaps, or different at least.

I want to sleep.


- Perhaps.

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