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Paintball Games For Real Combat training (II).

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"Some of the key points to consider are the following:

1)-Stress: a real combat, aside from danger, induces a degree of stress that -given the fact that lives are at stake- cannot be reproduced in any kind of simulation unless real danger is present in them. This cannot be avoided unless instead of paintball ammunition you would use real bullets!

Given the fact that participants would not be stressed in the same way, you -as an instructor- will have to induce or introduce it in the game by bringing anxiety into the participants as well as tiredness.

You can induce the first factor by pressing them constantly and strongly, and the second, by making them perform some other activities before the actual practice, such as running or exercising for an hour or so.

2)-Cover and protection: as any user of real, military-grade weapons and ammunition would tell you, not even thick brick walls can be of much protection against fire from assault rifles and machine guns. Paintball ammunition breaks and provides us with funny splats on contact with almost any surface, and thus even palnts and cardboard boxes are used by players as protection.

This is, at best, quite unrealistic. Thus, your rules of engagement should contemplate this aspect. For example, state that if any participant hides behind - say - a cardboard box, and this protection is hit by one or more paintballs, then the covered participant would be considered hit too.

3)-Fire barrages: factors such as ammunition limitations, cost and political limitations imposed on combatants of any kind such as law-enforcement agents and soldiers usually limit the quantity and quality of fire delivered in combat. For example, police agents would not use hollow-point ammunition, and would never send a barrage of bullets indiscriminately."

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