P. Edronkin

The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun (III).

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"He was much like our modern executives and professionals, driving from home to work and from work back to his home each day.

Being relatively wealthy, he enjoyed his holidays abroad, spoke various languages and enjoyed the little Cafes that still exist in Warsaw.

However, he was called to the fight on September 1939. His scant modern military training or experience, as it was the case with the majority of the members of the Polish Armed forces, and especially with reserve units, could not help him win his battles.

The Poles were no real match for the Germans, but he survived the initial onslaught of the Wehrmacht and evaded capture after Poland collapsed. 

He made his way back home from the front lines only to fall prey to the Russians who at that time promptly partitioned Poland with Hitler after the Blitz. 

In early 1940, the Soviet secret Police suddenly arrested my Grandfather and decreed that he was a spy for having a couple of cameras and his own photo processing facilities back at his home in eastern Poland.

To make things worse, my Grandfather had all the stuff that an architect normally has, including blueprints, books a personal diary and some tools for his work."

Bhagdad. Watercolour by A.H. Braun.
Anthony Hillary Braun - A watercolour
of Bhagdad. Author's collection.

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