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Multiple Skills for the 21st Century (I).

By Jim Rohn
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This article was submitted by Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher.

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"I believe that it is important to walk into the 21st Century with multiple skills. But I also know that if you are already in sales, network marketing or have an entrepreneurial business (or plan to in the future), you can gain the needed skills for the future while you create your income now.

Here's my short list for on the job training, so that you can learn while you earn.


I began my journey with sales, which of course dynamically changed my life back at age 25. The first year I multiplied my income by five. I was raised in farm country. I knew how to milk cows, but it didn't pay well. Sales altered the course of my life, learning to present a valid product in the marketplace, to talk about its virtues and get somebody to say "yes." And then give them good service.


Then came recruiting; how to expand my business and build an organization. We have all heard the question, “Is it better to have one person selling $1000 or have 100 people selling $10?” If you ask me, I'll take the 100 at $10. Recruiting, the ability to multiply your efforts, once mastered, is one of life and leadership's greatest time management resources."

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