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The Subtlety of Language (I).

By Jim Rohn
Copyright © 2000 Jim Rohn International.
All rights reserved worldwide.

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This article was submitted by Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher.

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"I have found that sometimes the subtle difference in our attitude, which of course can make a major difference in our future, can be as simple as the language we use.

The difference in even how you talk to yourself or others.

Consciously making a decision to quit, saying what you don't want and to start saying what you do want. I call that faith. Believing the best, hoping for the best and moving toward the best.

A few examples could be, instead of saying, 'What if somebody doesn't respond?' you start saying, 'What if they do respond?'

Instead of saying, 'What if someone says no?' You say, 'What if they say yes?

Instead of 'What if they start and quit?' say, 'What if they start and stay?' or
'What if it doesn't work out?' You say, 'What if it does work out?'

The list goes on and on.

I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy.

Our language can also affect how others perform and behave around us. A teenager says to a parent, 'I need $10.' And if the parents learn to say, 'No comprende. That kind of language doesn't work here. We've got plenty of money, but that's not how you get $10.' Then you teach your teenager how to ask, 'How can I earn $10?'."

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