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The Subtlety of Language (II).

By Jim Rohn
Copyright © 2000 Jim Rohn International.
All rights reserved worldwide.

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"That is the magic of words. There is plenty of money here. There is money for everybody, but you just have to learn the magic words to get it. For everything you could possibly want. If you just learn the philosophy. How could I earn $10?

Because you can't go to the soil and say, 'Give me a harvest.'
You know the soil smiles and says, 'Who is this clown that brings me his need and brings me no seed.'
And if you said to the soil, 'I've got this seed and if I planted it, would you work while I sleep?' And the soil says, 'No problem. Give me the seed. Go to sleep and I'll be working while you're sleeping.'

If you just understand these simple principles, teaching them to a teenager (or an adult) is sometimes just a matter of language. It's like an investment account instead of a savings account. Simple language, but so important.

It is easy to stumble through almost a lifetime and not learn some of these simplicities. Then you have to put up with all the lack and all the challenges that don't work out simply from not reading the book, not listening to the tape, not sitting in the class, not studying your language and not being willing to search so you can then find."

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