P. Edronkin

Some notes on success (II).

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"Chance is the game of evolution. After aeons on Earth, life became what is now today, by chance and elimination. In other words, if we would just live enough time as to play the lottery each week a couple of million times, we would eventually win, but this proposition does not make any sense.

The second choice is always a synonym of struggle with your environment, your competitors, co-workers, and even your relatives and family who might try to “bring you back to your senses,” but most important, it is a struggle with yourself, to cease to be conventional in the field of your interest, and become special.

Conventionality is our measure. We tend to compare what we and others are or do with what is average. The norm is the average, the mean value in statistics, so if statistics expect you to marry at 25, if you are 32 and single, a subtle “freakishveil begins to cover you.

Conventionality and the values against which we compare ourselves are not always the best ones. For example, if you are living alone at 32 but you are divorced, then someone might even look at the fact as fashionable, while in reality, divorce is an awful experience and, at any rate, a personal failure.

A Patagonian sunrise.
If you persist, one day you will find a beautiful sunrise, like this one
as seen from a mountain in the Andes. It is a matter of continuity.

If you want to succeed in any field, you must cease to be conventional, for such is a trait of established rules, and groundbreaking events are at any rate totally different from conventionality."

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