P. Edronkin

Some notes on success (III).

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"What is foreseeable, predictable and stable is not the stuff of entrepreneurs and leaders. If you want to climb conventional mountains, you have the Alps, beautiful but filled with trails, signposts and lodgings, but if you want to do something unusual, you have the Andes.

However, going to the Andes might cost you a little fortune, and then, there, the climate is ruthless, heights are higher, and there are few paths, trails or signposts. You might put your own name to an unnamed mountain, but you will be likely risking your life doing so: the ancient gods of gods of storms and weather like the Sumerian Ningirsu will not forgive you. No spells will work.

Scientists versus professionals; explorers versus trekkers; artists versus academicians. The antonyms could go forever. There is a huge difference between each of them. Let’s take the case of science and professionalism: all get out from college, and all seem to have similar knowledge. You can study – say – economics at college and get your BS degree. Then you could go to work for a corporation, or become a researcher at the IMF.

Persist and you shall receive your reward.
A picture instants after we found gold
nuggets on a stream near a lake.

The lives of people who choose any one of those paths would be very different, as would be their insights and perspectives on the world.

If you want to succeed, first you have to come to grips with you own eccentricity, and then take advantage by means of it, and remember that there is always more room at the top."

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