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How to organise a new group, company or association (I).

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"A person who is successful has simply formed the habit of 
doing things that unsuccessful people will not do."
- Dexter Yager

"New groups and all kind of corporations can organise themselves in many different ways, but generally speaking, we can say that there are two different kinds of associations:

1)-Formal, or documented.

2)-Informal, or causal.

As a strategy for any growing group, either way could be correct or, on the other hand, unsuitable. All depends on the aspirations, goals as well as possibilities of the founding members of the group in question.

It is a common problem in all budding organisations that these are constructed with preconceived ideas, and based on doctrines from the past, and while these might be good in the present on certain cases, or have been good in the past, it would not be prudent to assume that they will serve well in the case of a new entity.

Each organisation, club, company or association is a different thing, and thus they cannot accept all recipes in the same way.

Perhaps the best that you can do is to establish some loose formal rules from the beginning, with the clear goal of complementing, improving or changing them in the near future on the grounds of empirical evidence of suitability."

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