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How to organise a new group, company or association (II).

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"If you want to start or found a group of any kind, you will need to establish a basic set of governing norms, so as to establish the mechanisms by which further regulations are establish, as well as levels and limitations of responsibilities in each case.

You cannot predict the group’s behaviour in detail from day one. This is a mistake that the creations of – for example – some money trusts and non-profit organisations have committed in the past. If you set rules which a re too strict and limiting, you will face trouble in the future, as in the case of a millionaire who left his fortune to his descendants in a fiduciary trust, with the express condition that the money could be invested only in tramways.

You can imagine the rest of the story...

Well, this is an example of lack of flexibility in the basic rules of an entity or organisation, and if you create yours with a similar mentality, you could well become the creator and killer of your brainchild.

Once you have settled the objectives of your new group, you must establish how are you going to finance it, and how are you going to govern it. Thus, the creation of a group, club, company or any kind of organisation can be summarised into the following main steps:

1)-Establishing goals.

2)-Finding how to rule it.

3)-Finding the required money."

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