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How to organise a new group, company or association (III).

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"Goals are an obvious necessity, for they are the reason or reasons behind the creation of the organisation. If the creators of an organisation do not have a clear set of goals, they will probably fail in their endeavour unless they find some bearing along the way.

Organisations can change their goals with time: let’s say that you want to create a company to produce climbing equipment of a certain kind, you begin the manufacture, you start to sell your gadgets to mountaineers all around the world, and your main goal is to become the most important producer of such widgets, worldwide.

Suddenly, another company begins to manufacture something that leaves your gear totally obsolete. What would you do?

Certainly, you can choose to go bankrupt because even your past goal has become obsolete, but you can do something different in this case, which is to redefine your organisation by establishing a new set of goals and not looking back at those left behind in the process.

Many phone and communications companies around the world found themselves with saturated markets just a couple of years ago, and with no perspectives for growth, but then, the Internet appeared and their skies cleared. Now, these companies, or at least those capable of redefining themselves, are striving with new business."

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