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How to organise a new group, company or association (IV).

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"Finding a set of rules to govern your company, group or organisation is essential, but they are not above goals in priority, because the rules that your organisation will establish should be tailored to its goals, and no the other way around.

Organisations that find their rules limiting, either change or break them. That is the case of – for example – countries where revolutions take place. Thus a good, clear and flexible system should be develop. Such a legislative system should be respected during the everyday activity, but it also should be easily adaptable to changes in objectives and even strategies.

There are three levels or layers of rules that you should consider:

1)-Statutory or constitutional.



In essence, the first level defines the organisation from a formal point of view, establishes its authorities, attributions as well as the mechanisms related to their replacement, if necessary. This level of ruling comprises documents such as the constitutional charts of different countries, the contracts by which commercial societies are created, as well as the will of the founders and main donors of non-profit organisations, and it has been so since Sumerians began stamping their personal seals on those clay tables where they wrote the first contracts in history, in cuneiform

The second level of rules is the legal one. By means of laws, decrees, executive orders, etc. organisations and their representatives at various hierarchical levels establish what should be done. This level corresponds to the laws and decrees of our government, or in the case of companies, rulings from the CEO or Directory."

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