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How to organise a new group, company or association (V).

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"The normative level is the last one, and established how the rules laid by the legal layer are to be implemented. For example, if a law is passed by Congress or Parliament (legal level) by which air safety is to be improved after an accident, taking into consideration given factors, rules and standards are later established at a normative level in order to apply the given doctrine to reality, considering the limitations and characteristics of the existing aeroplanes, airports, etc.

One important point to consider is that in any organisation, normative and legal levels must remain subordinated at all times to the statutory or constitutional level, and this one, to the general objectives of the organisation.

That is, if your main goal is to make money selling rucksacks, the statutes of your company must empower you to do so; the directives of your company’s various departments should act in unison with that objective, and your internal norms for personnel, quality control, etc. should be related to those levels as well.

If you set your goals in such a way as to conquer the worldwide rucksack market, but you copy the statutes of a charity organisation when you create your company, you would be making a mess. If you just copy the charitable institution’s internal rules, you would be making a mess, and if you just adapt its norms and standards, you would still be making a mess."

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