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How to organise a new group, company or association (VI).

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"The last point to consider is how to find the money that you need. 

This part is perhaps the most challenging on the short run for any entrepreneur or creator of an organisation. Cases in which money is available without limitations are very rare indeed, and all new organisations will have to struggle to obtain their ‘oxygen’ in the form of cash.

Please bear in mind that getting a positive cash flow is not the same as building value. You can build value and yet, obtain no cash flow, or you can get your daily checks but with no value build-up at all. Art, for example, builds value without necessarily increasing cash flow, at least immediately: science builds value too. In the end, value builders make very good investment opportunities, but they are unfortunately difficult to fathom.

These two aspects of the problem are related, and in the long run, you will need both, but there is a tendency – for obvious reasons – to pay more attention to the cash flow side of the problem than to the value build-up. My advice is that you pay attention to both, because value will mean more money, more capital and more possibilities to attain your goals in the future.

Value is a complicated concept that I cannot explain in a brief article comprehensively, but think of value as the worth of something, apart from the bills or cheques that you could be paid for it on its sale."

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