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How to organise a new group, company or association (VII).

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"For example, a diamond has a given value that is transformed into positive cash flow for the seller on sale, and a negative cash flow for the buyer. The value of such a diamond could be measured not only by means of its weight and mineral qualities. You can add value by means of history such as its former owners: suppose that you have a diamond of 2 Carats that was owned by Queen Victoria of England. Its value would be that of the 2 Carats at current market value, plus its historical value.

Stamps collectors know this very well. A stamp increases its value not only based on its rarity or quality, but by means of its history: imagine how much would a stamp sent on the mail that went aboard Titanic would be worth today.

So, ‘getting the money’ is also building value. You can build a lot of value for yourself by creating a mega website, even if it sells nothing: consider that each webpage is worth usually $ 30, and then think how much would a site with 1,000 of them be worth for you.

However, if you just concentrate in building value but pay no attention to your cash flow, sooner or later your organisation would suffocate."

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