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An Introduction To Survivalism (V).

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"Eventually, you will learn survival if you follow the hard and painful way, but you also risk being hurt or ending dead.

Being coached means also learning from your instructors and companions during the courses or classes. Group interaction is also an important factor under emergency circumstances, and you cannot learn about it all by yourself. This is one of the things that make courses invaluable.

Trekking is another important aspect of this business: if you end lost in the woods you will probably have to trek your way out of danger. Therefore, all aspects concerning it, like establishing the marching order within a group, the speed of the march, and backpack preparation, are thins that can only be done effectively within the framework of a group because if you do it alone and all by yourself, you will hardly notice some of your mistakes.

Take, for example, your backpack or rucksack: it is quite common that mistakes are committed during its preparation. Thus, you could inadvertently be tiring yourself more than necessary, and unless an instructor tell you about your errors, you would think that such or such position or loading technique is correct, while it really is not.

A survival shelter at Cerro Perito Moreno.
An underground survival shelter after a snow storm. Experiential
learning during emergencies can be a harsh experience. We were taken
for dead by the Argentinean border police in this particular case.

Indeed, personalised attention is recommended during all stages of learning, especially in the case of very young people."

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