P. Edronkin

Taking Youngsters To Wilderness Trips (I).

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"If you are taking with you to the wilderness, onto a trek, etc. people who are legally underage, you should always take into account the fact that you are assuming also certain responsibilities. This means that in the case of an accident or problem, you could face legal trouble regarding those young folks.

Legal age is a variable concept. In some countries it might be 16 years old, in most, it is 18, but it could also be 21 or 22.

Under many jurisdictions there is some kind of “bifurcation” of responsibilities among the ages of 18 and 21. This means that for some deeds, a person who is 18 years old is considered an adult, while for others, it is still a minor under the same jurisdiction.

If you plan to travel to another state or province, and indeed, abroad, you should inform yourself about all legal peculiarities that might be applicable to you and to the other adult members of your group if you plan to travel with children or youngsters.

Patagonian cliffs.
Cliffs on the Patagonian coast near Puerto Madryn, in the
Atlantic Argentine coast. Low tide is exposing some rocks and reefs.

Remember that no matter what your citizenship is, the applicable laws in any case will be those of the jurisdiction you are visiting. If you are an U.K. citizen visiting India, then Indian law is applicable to you while you stay there. 
It is oddly common that many travellers think that in such cases their native laws will be applicable, but this is never the case. International law is clear in this point."

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