P. Edronkin

Taking Youngsters To Wilderness Trips (II).

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"If you travel with a youngster or children which is not of your offspring and over whom you have no legal authority as a parent or legal tutor, you must get specific, written permission to take that person with you, with all mandatory translations, signatures, etc.

Such requisites are variable. Each jurisdiction has its own specifications, which are usually strictly enforced to avoid child abduction, abuses and such deeds.

But departing from these unavoidable legal issues, let me tell you that based on my experience, I can say that taking youngsters with you has its disadvantages, but it is largely a very rewarding experience both for you as for them.

Some problems related to the mental and physical growth stage of those youngsters or children might turn problematic at some point. You should pay particular attention to discipline: it should be loose, but within that framework, it should be clear to them who is in command in order to prevent accidents.

The lower side of cliffs near Puerto Piramides, Chubut, Argentina.
Patagonian cliffs during a low tide.

However, the great advantage of trekking or travelling with young people is that they are much more flexible than adults, and can assimilate better even thought circumstances. In other words, they are usually much more excited than adults when confronting adventure. Besides, they are usually optimistic and less orthodox than their older counterparts."

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