P. Edronkin

Taking Youngsters To Wilderness Trips (III).

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"In survival situations usually the younger survive, not only because they are in a better shape than older people, but because they tend to keep their optimism under duress since they have more reasons to live than older people.

Aside from issues such as alcohol, drugs, etc., youngsters usually are not facing the problems of daily life like their parents. They have no debts, enemies or worries.

Of course, before allowing any youngster to participate in your next risky trip, you should learn something about his or her character and responsibility, because the last thing that you will need is an uncontrollable person in your group.

Moreover: you should keep out all candidates consuming alcohol or drugs, because in some jurisdiction, the usage of such substances is severely punished, and as an adult, you will be held responsible if anything happens.

Patagonian reefs.
A storm coming to some patagonian reefs. During aeons, the
water has excavated some caves in this way, which get exposed
during low tides, Tidal variation in Patagonia is significant.

Unless you know your young candidate very well, it is recommendable that you donít take him or her with you unless the person in question is at least 16 years old."

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